There are lots of things you will need to know if you want to become a much more successful sports bettor, and some of those things include keeping up to date with news stories surrounding your chosen sport, knowing how to get the best value from your bankroll, and also where the best betting sites and sportsbooks are.

With that in mind we cordially invite you to spend as much time looking around this website as you like, for you are guaranteed to find a huge number of betting related blog posts and articles that will keep you informed, educated and in the know!

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Hints and Betting Tips – Take a look over our betting hints and tips section of the site for we shall be revealing lots of different ways that you can put into place a winning betting strategy.

Best Valued Betting Bonuses – There are lots of new customer betting bonuses that you can claim and plenty of sports betting sites make a range of ongoing bonuses available to their customers too, and we have a guide which will enlighten you on how each bonus has been designed.

Sportsbook and Bookmaker Reviews – Also do take a look at our sportsbook and bookmaker reviews as by doing so you will find out just what each of them have to offer you and you will be able to pick one that is best suited to the way you like to gamble.

Gamble and Bet Responsibly – Before you start picking out your bets and wagers for the day, or if you are planning on playing any casinos, bingo or even poker games then always plan in advance just how much you are prepared to spend on any one single gambling session.

By knowing your limits in advance and having the willpower to stick to those limits you will never run into any type of gambling problems as long as you only ever gamble with money you can more than comfortably afford to love and gamble and bet responsibly at all times.

There are however some people who may be experience some form of gambling problems and if so then we would advise you seek help and support form one of the many different organisations that have been set up to help anyone with and type of gambling problem.

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How to Choose a Sports Betting Site?

Obviously if you are planning on betting on golf or in fact any type of sporting activity then you will need to find a sports betting site to sign up to that is going to accept your wagers and hopefully give you the best odds available on whatever it is you are looking to place a bet on.

There are some very well run and operated online betting sites and some that you are best off probably avoiding as they will not live up to your high expectations! With that in mind you will find below a range of highlighted features that you should demand from any online sports betting sites that you come across and may be thinking of signing up to.

So look through this guide and then make sure that any sportsbook you do sign up to offers you all of the following features, as you will find they are the betting sitesthat will give you a fully rounded betting experience and one that will be a hassle free experience too!

UK Licensed Betting Sites – The first thing you should ensure when you are a UK based sports bettor looking for a betting site to place all of your sporting related wagers at is that the betting site holds a full UK gambling Commission issued gambling license as those sites are signed to a high set of standards and will never mess you about unlike some unlicensed sites who will!

Live Betting Platforms – Seeing odds on offer and being able to place your bets on those wagering opportunities is something that you will want to do and as such make sure the betting platforms you are accessing at any betting site are updated in real time!

Large Range of Bet Types – You will find that all online betting sites are going to allow you to place any type of bet you wish to place so if you enjoy placing wagers on soccer coupons for example or you like perming together range of horses for example on a Lucky 15 bet then that is something you will always be able to do.

Multiple Banking Options – You want to have the ability of placing a bet whenever you want to place that bet and that will in turn mean that you should sign up to a betting site that will allow you to deposit via a method of your own choosing and one that will not see you paying additional charges.

So the more banking options that a betting site offers then the better number of options you will always have at your disposal for making a deposit and also the more options you will have for making a withdrawal too.

Fast On Time Payouts – You will need to make sure that if you do intend to place a bet and you are based in the UK that the site you are betting at and the way you wish to withdraw your winnings is going to mean that you can get paid quickly when you win.

Many UK based licensed sports betting sites will pay you out instantly if you choose to use a web wallet such as Neteller or Skrill as the way you withdraw your winnings. However, some betting sites will also let you withdraw back to a debit card and if you have abankwith offers the speedy payments system which all of them do, then those winnings will show up back in your bank account often within a few hours of you withdrawing them.

Promotional Offers – Whilst you are going to get a huge number of promotional offers coming your way no matter at which betting site you sign up to you will not always find every single bonus offer you come across is going to give you the very best value.

With that in mind things to take note of when you are comparing betting offers and betting bonuses is just how many times you have to be through any bonus funds or how much you are allowed to win off a bonus as some bonuses will limityou on how much you can win.

Mobile Betting App –Whilst you may only be interested in placing bets and agers online on a laptop or your home computer, there could come a time when you do fancy placing a bet on a sporting event or sporting fixture but are nowherenear a computer.

That is why we would strongly advise you to become a customer of a betting site that also has a mobile betting app on offer to their online betting platform, for that way you are going to be able to place you bets on your mobile phone no matter where you are!

Enhanced Odds – Many betting sites are always eager to get their customers betting on each day of the week so that they can keep their betting turnover increasing, and as such you should be insisting that any betting site you do sign up to is offering you a set of betting opportunities each day that have enhanced odds on them

Whistle you may not have an interest in making use of every enhanced odds betting opportunity that you will be interested in making use of you will certainly find some of them of interest to you!

Early and Ante Post Prices – Not all betting sites are going to be giving you early prices or ante post betting opportunities and that is something that as a sport bettor who likes to get the best value by placing your bets well in advance of the day of the sporting event or sporting fixture should be looking for from a betting site.

Even if you have no bets planned it will always be beneficial for you to take a look at what betting opportunities are available from any betting sites ante post or early priced betting markets as there can often be lots of bets that you may be interested in placing once you discover the odds on offer on a range of different betting opportunities.

Betting Site Banking Methods

You are of course going to need to find a way to make a deposit into any betting site account that you open, and if you have never placed sports related bets online before then you may be unaware of just how wide and varied the range of banking options are.

As such we shall now give you an overview of how you are going to be able to make a deposit into most if not all online betting sites, and many of the following deposit options can also be used to make a withdrawal of winnings too.

Pay Safe Card – There is a one way banking option that will allow you to fund your betting site account that cannot be used to make a withdrawal if you would prefer making a deposit into any betting site account using cash.

That payment method is Pay Safe Card and you need to find a store that is local to where you live that has a Pay Zone or a Pay Point sign outside it as those are the shops that sell the prepaid vouchers that Pay Safe Card have on offer. You can buy those vouchers in cash for any face value and then use the code displayed on the vouchers to make a deposit into your betting site account.

Web Wallets – If you are in the UK then there are lots of different web wallets that you can use to fund your betting site accounts they include PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. There will be fees associated with using a web wallet but they are ideal to use if you do want to keep your gambling bankroll completely separate from your bank account.

When you use a web wallet you can also use them in addition to being able to make a deposit to make a withdrawal from your betting site account. You can also ask for the web wallet company to send out a prepaid debit card which will then be linked up to your web wallet and will allow you to access the funds kept in those web wallets.

Debit Cards – If you have a bank account and have a debit card linked up to that account then you will find that using that debit card to fund any sports betting siteaccountis never going to see you having to pay any fees or charges to make a deposit.

However, you are also going to find that any betting site that allows you to fundyouraccount suing a debit card is also going to let you withdraw your winningback to that debit card.

The amount of time it will take you to receive a withdrawal or winnings back to your bank account can vary however, some payments could be instant whilst some take a few days to hit your bank account depending on which bank and what type of account you use and have.

Credit Cards – Visa credit cards can also be used to both fund an online or mobile sports betting site account and any winnings you achieve can also be sent back to your credit card. However, if you have a credit card from MasterCard then you can only use those cards to make a deposit into a betting site but will not be able to get your winnings sent back to that type of card.

One thing to keep in mind however regarding using a credit card is that some card issuers look at any transaction used to fund a betting site account as cash advances so they will attract a fee, also you will have to pay interest on any money you do not pay off on those cards when your bill comes in!

Utilizing an In-Play Betting Market

You will have two times at which you can place a golf related bet or in fact any type of sports bet online, and most people tend to place their bets and wagers before those sporting events and sporting fixtures actually begin.

However, thanks to a new type of betting market you are going to be able to place a bet on a sporting event or sporting fixture when it has started and will be able to place bets on it right up until the last few minutes.

To do the latter you will need to sign up to one of the growing number of sports betting sites that allow you to place bets on an in-play betting market and those betting markets really are going to add an extra dimension to your sports betting.

In fact, what many people tend to do is to place a range of different bets and wagers on various different sporting events before they start in the usual way, but will then use the in-play betting markets to hedge many of those bets as by doing so with some skill you can lock in a guaranteed profit on many different betting opportunities.

The odds available on the in-play betting markets are updated in real time and will continually change for every available batting opportunity displayed on them as the sporting event or sporting fixture is in live play.

If you have never used an in-play sports betting platform before then maybe you should sign into you betting site account and launch one of the currently in-play live sporting events and then sit back and watch how the odds and betting opportunities available at that event unfolds.

By doing so you will soon discover how they work and operate and then when you are happy you know what is involved in placing a bet on them then you are of course free to do so. If you do have any questions what so ever in regards to how any betting sites in-play betting markets and betting platforms work, then you can also contact the customer support team available at those sites and they will only be too happy to help you.

In fact, you will often find a range of easy to follow guides and help files attached to all betting platforms so it may be worth your while to consult them to get any questions you may have answered!